CBRM considering private management for waste stream [PODCAST]

Information Morning Cape Breton:

CBRM is looking for companies interested in managing all of the the municipality's waste streams. Solid Waste Manager Francis Campbell sorts out the details.

Host: Steve Sutherland

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SOURCE www.cbc.ca

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Aired: June 7, 2023. Host: Steve Sutherland
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Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
Whether they contract out or not,having a dump in the middle of our Municipality is down right stupid.The site of garbage blown over both sides of Spar Road is aweful and the stink in the area is worse.
Charles Sampson Follow Me
The CBRM’S financial problems are a direct consequence of the provincial government’s illegal/unconstitutional use of almost this year’s $3 billion from the federal government’s Equalization payments for which there is no accountability or transparency of where the government spends this. The CBRM COUNCIL is at fault for not representing its citizens by demanding, along with the many other municipal units that are also financially struggling, that the provincial government must be held accountable by demanding the government data on its finances from this federal Equalization Fund is pursuant to its constitutional obligation under section 36. Residents must focus on why this year’s Equalization category in the formula that generated OVER $600 million because of the municipal deficiency in the tax capacity RELATED TO PROPERTY TAXES and miscellaneous revenues by demanding where this money goes in this province. A provincial capped equalization grant of $30 million is what the provincial government provides.

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