N.S. premier apologizes for comments made on local state of emergency in Cape Breton

Tim Houston speaks with media, Monday, Feb. 6, 2023, in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld [Photo credit: CTVNewsAtlantic.ca Digital Coordinator]

N.S. premier apologizes for comments made on local state of emergency in Cape Breton

Nova Scotia’s premier is apologizing for comments he made earlier this week surrounding a local state of emergency in Cape Breton.


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William Palander Follow Me
The Premier tries to walk back his nasty, despicable, uncaring statements. Oh by the way, he'll be coming to assess the "emergency".at some time in the future. I can't wait.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
He was WAY WAY wrong.The mayor was also WAY WAY wrong chopping Premier Houston and Minister Lohr up in the media over budget issues.Many of us heard the saying"Take it outside boys and girls",well for these folks it's "Take it inside boys and girls"....we are not interested in hearing about your nonsense but expect all levels of government to put their citizens first.That's why we elect and pay you.
Trish O'NEILL Follow Me
An extremely lukewarm apology for such incredibly disgraceful response to a frightening and potentially life threatening situation. Our provincial representatives have a lot to answer for by blindly following their party leader on all things impacting CBRM. Our mayor sounded the alarm and was ignored. Same old same old.
[comment deleted] Posted
Christine Bonnar Follow Me
Raymond MacDonald…..You constantly jump all over Mayor Mc Dougall. Obviously, you have a personal vendetta against her and it shows big time. You cannot convince me otherwise. She was 100% right when she fought hard for the residents of CBRM of what Houston and Lohr did to us. That bill 340 is causing our property taxes to go up and will keep increasing in time, never mind the disappearance of what happened with the promise of the extra 15 million. How does Houston and Lohr justify cutting us back to 13 million to run the CBRM when 15 wasn’t enough. Oh I forgot, put the residents and business taxes up even more. I for one is sick of you taking slap shots at her every chance you get when we should be trying to support her. It comes down to damn if you don’t and damn if you do. If you think you can do a better job, then run for mayor next election. Pick your battles with the mayor instead of bombarding her every chance you get. As for Mr. Houston, he was so wrong with what he said about the state of local emergency, and I now accept his apology, but he needs to take a long hard look at our lack of services, property taxes, our poor conditions of our roads, no sidewalks and lack of money coming in. Every government including present and ones before Houston have really let Cape Breton get behind drastically with our infrastructure. We are suppose to be all one Nova Scotia, but I won’t believe that until I see some serious changes.
Don't bother Christine....he constantly jumps over everyone on Go Cape Breton. The NSEF stopped allowing comments on our posting because of Raymond MacDonald. Whoever he is, because we asked a ton of people from Dominion and no one knows who he is so he must be hiding behind a fake profile. We asked him to come and debate a number of issues based on his comments but he refused every time. You watch, he will have something to say here as well about this comment and most likely yours, but we won't engage with him as we know that Raymond MacDonald is hiding behind a fake profile. Here is a comment on Brian Comers page that someone sent us and we thank the follower for doing that. This comment drives it home for everyone but Raymond MacDonald.....Here is the comment in two parts: Unfortunately you are the one taking the brunt for the Premiers uncalled for and insulting remarks. It is time he put his big boy pants on and address the shortfall of funding coming to every municipality in the province, not just Cape Breton. For a point of information PEI is smaller than CB and has a smaller population, however receive, I believe around $600,000,000 last year in equalization. Imagine what that money could do for CBRM. This premier said he would double equalization, which he did for one year, then set us adrift. The other municipalities will benefit from the new MOU, however those same Municipalities, also state it does not work for CBRM. We are the second largest municipality in the province with the highest taxes and least services. If you remember Hfx laid off around 1500 workers during the pandemic, CBRM none. Just goes to show the amount of money they receive to run their area, compared to here. It would be interesting to see the figures laid out for the citizens of this province.
Part 2 of comment: Enough complaining from this corner, what is going to be done to ensure we have the proper allocation of equipment and manpower going forward. Obviously, we have older equipment, and fewer staff to run that equipment, and there are too many obstacles put in the face of willing operators, that would go out and do a shift to give the regulars some time off. Time to get down to business and look after the people. Right now, I am out of my BP meds and just had a pacemaker, my husband is on day four of no VON, he is in a wheelchair and our snow blower is on the fritz. We consider ourselves lucky, but probably will not feel that way when we finally get plowed out and then have to try and get someone to shovel us out, so VON can get in and so I can get car out to get meds

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