Port of Sydney considers hiring headhunter to find a new CEO

Board advertised, interviewed and selected a candidate, but negotiations fell through says chair

CBC NewsTom Ayers

The Port of Sydney Development Corporation is considering hiring a headhunter to find a new CEO.

Marlene Usher retired from the position in June. Board chair James Kerr said ads were run and a candidate was offered the job, but negotiations fell through.

However, port operations at the Joan Harris Cruise Pavilion on the downtown waterfront in Sydney, N.S., are continuing as usual, he said.

"By no means should anyone think that we're just waiting for a CEO to come our way," Kerr said. "We are still…


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Port of Sydney considers hiring headhunter to find a new CEO

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CBC NewsTom Ayers, Posted: Sep 18, 2023 5:00 AM EDT | Last Updated: 2 minutes ago
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Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
Hiring a HEADHUNTER is definitely the proper move to keep nepotism away from the staffing process and to get a qualified candidate which I would dare say we don't have locally for a job which should have appropriate qualifications and which residents should expect better results than in the past.The last Manager,for example,had no qualifications and was related to CAO Walsh and Police Chief Walsh.Her accomplishments were next to none which should come as no surprise.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
FOR CLARIFICATION:The Port Manager in Halifax has hands on world wide experience as a Captain of major size vessels and lots of port management in related jobs with increasing responsibility.Also it would appear he does not perpetuate lies we listened to about the mystery Container Pier which officials finally admit could never happen without a railroad to get the the containers outta here.Unfortunately now Barbusci{mystery man from Montreal} is now peddling a wind farm.That did have some positive results over the summer however.It justifed a trip for the mayor.deputy mayor and 3 other officials to Copenhagen.Keep an eye on this one so we don't get conned anymore.Twenty years of Container Piers/Wind Farms is enough.

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