Shameful in CBRM

Communities across Canada are celebrating healthy lifestyles and activities, even during a pandemic, while in CBRM community leaders are promoting activities that kill regularly and deter residents from participating in healthy lifestyles in their own community.

I used the multi-use (No ATVs) pathways in Ottawa when I lived there and it is so life affirming to be out on them and seeing so many others in the community out and about taking part in healthy activities. This is a community that we in CBRM should be striving to become like (vision). But instead we are going in the opposite direction, supporting massive off-road polluters and promoting the increase in kilometers traveled by them. All while deterring Active Transportation. Ottawa's challenge, stated in the article is how to manage the the inter-mingling of bicyclers and walkers. They are not concerned about off-road vehicles! CBRM's main challenge is how to deal with the increase in crime they introduced to our communities (fact). Shame on CBRM for selling out our hopes for a better future which is simply other community's present.

The current Municipal government is bucking its own Active Transportation strategy that was developed by great community leaders of the past. See here: ACTIVE TRANSPORTATION in CBRM

From CBRM Active Transportation Website:

In the Ottawa Citizen article; Egan: Cyclists on NCC paths runneth over. Ding-ding! Watch out you can see a stark contrast in the visions of CBRM vs Ottawa (and other Canadian communities). 

All four images on the left of the image above are illegal in Nova Scotia as defined by legislated acts but are daily occurrences now. There is a direct correlation between the increase in these activities and the sanctioning of the ATV trail in dense residential communities, by CBRM Council.

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Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
You sir are so right, couldn't agree more. The CBRM Mayor and council should be working for the whole of the communities and not a selected few. Shame on you all who serve and let this happen.
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