Sixteen Steps

Sixteen Steps:a journey of self-discovery and healing

Boularderie Island Press $21.95 ISBN:978-1-926448-33-6 

Tom Culligan, co-founder of the successful Second Cup coffee franchise, invites you to believe in yourself as he guides you through a journey of self-discovery and healing! Tom’s own inspiring and courageous life journey provides the backdrop for Sixteen Steps—an enlightened non-religious and gender-neutral handbook that will assist you in overcoming harmful and obsessive behaviors. Tom presents sixteen life-affirming principles, each one a stepping stone toward self-awareness and peace. Principles such as Awareness, Trust, Perseverance and Love light the way with discussion, personal stories and self-evaluation workbook exercises. The author’s practical thinking helped to ground these core principles in my own clinical work with patients. This is a generous sharing of personal stories demonstrating that the path to success or fulfillment is never a straight line, offering simple useful tools that support the readers as they navigate their own unique personal journey. —Marc Michell, MD, Psychiatrist and Psychoanalyst, Toronto, Ontario Tom Culligan grew up in a small French Acadian community on New Brunswick’s Baie de Chaleur. He was a co-founder and eventually sole owner of the Second Cup café franchise. Tom’s academic studies include theology and philosophy, as well as graduate work in university administration, counselling and psychometrics. He and his partner of thirty years, Paul Menard, spend part of their time on the old Culligan homestead that was settled by Tom’s great, great grandfather and at their winter home in Florida.

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