Ski Ben Eoin Promotes Family Fun

Ski Ben Eoin is looking forward to a great winter season with predictions of more snow and colder temperatures on the way.

“Large amounts of snow are always great,” said General Manager Rob Carmichael.  “We are not dependent upon it, as we make enough snow to cover every downhill run, but having natural snow enables us to expand other activities on the site.”

In addition to the 12 runs, Ski Ben Eoin has 14 kilometres of groomed trails on top of the mountain for snowshoeing or cross-country skiing.

“Snowshoeing is becoming increasingly popular,” said Rob.  “Modern snowshoes are so much better than the old wooden ones, and it’s easy for people to get into the sport.  When our trails are groomed and we have fresh snow on the spruce trees, it’s truly exhilarating to walk through the woods on snowshoes.”

This year, Ski Ben Eoin is also expanding the tube runs by adding more lanes and banked curves.  

“The tube runs are not just for kids, adults have a blast too,” said Rob.  “It’s so great to hear all the laughter and see families enjoying themselves together.”

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