Skier with Cape Breton roots named to provincial team

Photo top left (Doyon second from left) at a team training camp at North Highlands Nordic.  Photo bottom right (Doyon front of line).

A Cape Breton family's cross-country skiing tradition continues, as the next generation is named to the provincial team.  Athlete, Lynden Doyon, will compete during his second year with the team.  His father Kris represented the province for multiple years - he grew up skiing at North Highlands Nordic, in Cape North.  Lynden's grandparents are also accomplished skiers.  Grandfather, Dennis Doyon, has spent numerous years volunteering and leading in many capacities within the sport.  

Doyon has the opportunity to travel to team training sessions held at North Highlands Nordic.  The head coach for the team is Daniel Murray, who grew up in South Harbour, and will be coaching his 14th consecutive season...

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Athlete with Cape Breton roots named to provincial team


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A Cape Breton family's skiing tradition continues - second generation is named to the provincial team.
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