Smart Business Moves: New Moon Chinese & Joany's Pizza—E77

Episode 77 of a Cape Breton Podcast with Joe Ward, Boxer Shorts Media. 

There are many local businesses in the CBRM that neglect digital marketing or even basic customer service! They might think it's too complex, too costly, or they're simply too busy to bother. However, as New Moon Chinese restaurant and Joany's Pizza in Sydney have discovered, sometimes even minimal effort can significantly impact their business. I will outline some fundamental decisions they've made that have positively influenced their business, helping them either outperform competitors or ensure they don't fall behind in capturing local customer spending.


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Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
This is good advice. I continue to be astonished at how difficult it is to find menus for local restaurants. Even those with Facebook pages seem to make little effort to make their current menus easily discoverable. But the same can be said for many local businesses with their products, services, hours of operation, etc. The other benefit of posting on goCapeBreton.com is that Google, Bing, and other search engines index every post, so when people search for something, goCapeBreton is often high on the search results lists, and sometimes number one. In fact, goCapeBreton has appeared as much as 0.5 million times in search results in a single month on Google. It's the gift that keeps on giving (unlike conventional advertising which disappears as soon as you stop paying). For anyone who wants to post on goCapeBreton.com, here is a simple guide — https://capebreton.lokol.me/how-to-post-on-gocapebretoncom
Joe Ward My Post Follow Me
It’s my number one tip for any local organization or business to add into their mix, if not already doing so. This promo article for my podcast already has over 400 views, and I haven’t promoted the page anywhere at all, due to Facebook vs Canada link restrictions. All views on this page came from goCapeBreton only.

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