Snowshoe Hike on Coxheath Hills Wilderness Trail

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As part of the Hike Nova Scotia's Winter Guided Hikes and Walks Series, there will be a snowshoe hike on the Coxheath Hills Wilderness Trail, Saturday, Feb.17 from 10 - 12. Meet/park at the Secondary Entrance at 1298 Coxheath Rd. The group will follow the gravel road up the hillside, take the Patterson Trail through mixed Acadian forest, up to the Cabin/toilets and on to the look-off on the Main Trail for a panoramic view over Blackett’s Lake and beyond. Return via same route. Eager participants may wish to add the Northern Loop (2.7 km) to their itinerary (this will not be an "official" part of the sponsored hike event). Email [email protected] if you have questions.

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