Sydney Little League Lost Opportunity?

SYDNEY LITTLE LEAGUE LOST OPPORTUNITY OR NOT? Sydney Mines and Glace Bay both have official Little League fields.Unfortunately Sydney does not.Toronto Blue Jays donated $150,000 on the condition that Municipal,Federal and Proincial chip in by July31/24 or no deal.CBRM has set aside $200,000 in their budget but nothing from the Feds and Provincial to date and the clock is ticking fast to the withdrawal of the Blue Jays offer yet no one or maybe not the right ones are raising the alarm.Seems all are prepared to sit and point fingers. Yesterday I contacted all levels of government{Federal,Provincial,Municipal} and local mainstream media.As of yet no one has taken ownership of the problem which has resulted in no accountability and no one is holding anyone else's feet to the fire.The clock is ticking towards losing the Blue Jay bucks and likely the opportunity for Sydney to have an official Little League field through nothing but incompetence.That sucks.

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