Sydney Santa Claus Parade Returns This Holiday Season Dec.11 @12p

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The Sydney Business Community is proud to announce the return of the Sydney Santa Claus Parade, taking place on Sunday, December 11 at 12 p.m.

The Parade will begin on the corner of Dorchester St. and George St., and will continue on to the Esplanade, Townsend St., George St., and then conclude at Open Hearth Park. 


“It’s an absolute joy to have the Sydney Santa Claus Parade return this year, and we can’t wait for everyone to see what we have in store for them,” says Alisha Barron, Sydney Santa Claus Parade Committee Chair and Owner of Fired Creations Pottery Painting Cafe. “This year, the Parade will have a new direction as the Sydney Business Community will be taking the reins for the event. We love seeing the businesses and community organizations throughout CBRM step up to throw Christmas events in their Districts, and we’re thrilled to see the comeback of the Sydney Santa Claus Parade, a celebration the community looks forward to each year.” 


Along the parade route, hot chocolate and donation stations will be available for parade goers to warm their mittens and give to local charities. This year, we’re also happy to announce People’s Choice Awards for Fan Favourite FloatThe Christmas Spirit Award, and Most Original Float. Winners of these awards will receive a one-of-a-kind designed Christmas ornament from the Nova Scotia Power Makerspace. 

To register your float and spread some holiday cheer this season, visit 


Traditionally, the annual Sydney Santa Claus Parade was planned and executed by the Cape Breton Regional Municipality (CBRM) Recreation Department, but with the expected strike within the CBRM Recreation Department, the Sydney Santa Claus Parade Committee was formed to ensure Christmas cheer continues, especially after the past two years of COVID-19. The Sydney Santa Claus Parade Committee elves look forward to continuing to spread Christmas cheer for years to come.  


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Brenda Durdle Follow Me
Shame! Not in the Pier and Ashby? That is sad considering, I hear, it originated in the Pier.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
The Mayor and Council look like keystone cops or the gang that couldn.t shoot straight on this and many other items the past 2 years including: -July 1st celebration -Can't make a decision on the ugly/distracting neon signs strewn all over our roads -the library is all talk and has been for many years -the latest proposal for the waterfront is nothing but a vote getter/applause line for many years to come.They'll never make a decision on that. -extension of Barbusci contact for the mythical Container Pier that's been used for votes for 15 years and will never happen.By the way we haven't heard from him since his extension. -mess up on the Police Committee It goes on and on and really:What is getting done?Meanwhile talk is that our former Mayor is forming new and renewed friendships with some Councillors who can help him gain back his throne.He certainly has some good campaign material and if he gets back in things will get even worse.We need to be a little more careful with our vote the next time around.

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