Ten new doctors expected in Cape Breton

Laura Jean Grant

Published on May 03, 2016

Health authority credits its recruitment efforts

SYDNEY — Ten new family doctors are expected to set up practice in Cape Breton over the next 18 months. Six for CBRM and four for the rest of Cape Breton.

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Health authority credits its recruitment efforts.
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Belinda Macleod Follow Me
This is wonderful news! Moving to Cape Breton in July and will need a doctor and a job as MOA.
Mike Johnson Follow Me
So, did any of them come?
Joe Ward Follow Me
Great question. MLA Alfie MacLeod might be the best provincial government representative to ask, as this has been one of his focal points for Cape Breton.
Greg Hill Follow Me
Obviously something deterred them from coming here. Could it be the politics of the area? Just asking.
Joe Ward Follow Me
I suppose that depends on when they were expected to arrive. I haven't heard any updates suggesting that they were not coming. Have they changed their minds?
Greg Hill Follow Me
I will be the first to say I don't know. I was only asking because normally it doesn't take a full year to relocate. that is, if you were seriously considering moving in the first place. Odd that this is coming up again just before the election, and following the recent doctor-held public meeting. If all 10 were actually coming to Cape Breton, you would think that at least a couple of them would have shown up by now, accompanied by some hoopla. Strangely quiet.
Joe Ward Follow Me
I'm curious as well. The article suggests some would be arriving in 2016, others in 2017. I'm going to email the Health Authority spokesperson, Greg Boone, to ask about the status. I'll post a follow up here if they respond.

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