The Boisdale Festive Forest Fair - December 10

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The Boisdale Festive Forest Fair

A magical woodland event for the whole family, to get you in the mood for Christmas! ✨

Browse the local craft market, try your hand at traditional games, enjoy hot food and drink and have a wander along the lantern-lit trail!

We have a henna tattoo artist, ceramics, chocolates, cakes, breads, knitwear, jewelry, art, candles, custom clothing, acrylic homewares, photography, fine teas, woodcraft, decorative wares, basketry, quilts, beadwork, cards and calendars, soaps, woven willow, flowers and wreaths, felting... oh it's just brilliant and you're going to find some real treasures to take home with you.

We've also got great hot food and drink, fire pits, live music and some special extras because we love you.
Happy Christmas everyone!

Park 223, opposite the Boisdale Firehall

Event by Julia MacNeil and Cadi Catlow
With live music by the amazing Alicia Penney

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A magical woodland event for the whole family, to get you in the mood for Christmas! ✨ Park 223, opposite the Boisdale Firehall
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Randy Pointkoski My Post Follow Me
44 craft vendors in a unique lantern outdoor setting
Randy Pointkoski My Post Follow Me
Big love to Jane Hall at Hall Crafty!
Ann MacKenzie Follow Me
The first Festive Forest Fair is coming up this Saturday, December 10, from 4-7pm, in Park 223, a new public park and community garden located in the heart of Boisdale, across from its Fire Hall. It's a great opportunity to walk through the park, listen to live music and enjoy some hot food and drinks while browsing through the unique offerings of the area's home-based businesses. Boisdale welcomes one and all!
Randy Pointkoski My Post Follow Me
from organizers.... Cadi CatlowThe Boisdale Festive Forest Fair 15h · So, because there's been a last minute flurry of What, Where, How, Why going on, we've made a little list of What To Expect Tomorrow. It sounds a bit formal but it's just to keep everyone safe and happy and to discourage too many folk from turning up in stilettoes. We've done a lot of work to get to this point and we're so so happy so many people are joining us for this event and supporting local makers and a lovely local park. We hope you all have an absolute blast tomorrow! Big cheers go out to the Hills of Boisdale for being just the coolest guys ever and letting us do this. Also to the Chamber of Commerce for lending us a big bunch of lights, CBRM Recreation for helping us navigate the permits and supplying a ton of amazing festival stuff, Cyril Mac Donald for lending us half the decorations from his house (but apparently only the ones his wife doesn't like), and Mary Lucina Mac Neil for being Queen of the Hotdogs making sure no-one goes hungry. More cheers to the amazing vendors for taking a risk in supporting our event, and most of all to you guys for coming along and making it all worthwhile. See you tomorrow!! Cadi, Julia, James & Matty

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