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Nicole Gnazdowsky Applauded by NSEF Along with Global News!

The NSEF, in its journey for fairness, has many conversations with a variety of people. Last year we spoke to an amazing young lady who was also being ignored by government officials. Nicole Gnazdowsky lost her brother to a horrible accident at a Nova Scotia Power property in the province. Nicole will provide us the story through a podcast on the Cape Breton Situation Podcast in the fall and we hope she will make her way to CBRM for the interview. The Nighttime Podcast, with Jordan Bonaparte, has interviewed Nicole and we will provide those links below and it was amazing. There are two parts to this podcast. Leave it to a good old Cape Bretoner to get that done. Thanks Jordan and Cape Breton misses you!

Global news is to be commended here as well. They seem, from our perspective, to be covering the news as it should. We do not see the same from CBC and CTV, but of course, that is just from our perspective. Thank you, Global News, and if you would ever like to talk to the NSEF about equalization unfairness in the province of Nova Scotia and the RCMP investigation, just reach out to us.

The NSEF Board was contacted regarding this posting, for approval of this publication because it is not related to equalization but there is a direct connection to the story in that government in Nova Scotia ignores the questions they do not want to answer. The NSEF is quite aware of this practice!

What is scary and concerning about this story, is that if a government official refuses to answer a question from a member of the public, they then contact the RCMP to complain. All that does is keep them from answering that same question in the future because they are concerned for their safety. Wow.

Nicole does not appear to be someone a grown man should be concerned about, physically. Nicole only wants to have questions answered by government (Dept. of Labor, etc.) and Iain Rankin was Nicole’s MLA as well as the Premier at the time of the incident as you will see in the clip below by Global.

We watch politicians across Canada now, outright ignore questions in Parliament, Provincial Legislatures and Municipal Governments. It is getting ridiculous that this is allowed to continue and as the voters who give the power to these individuals, we must stop this behavior from continuing. The NSEF has allowed politicians to ignore our questions provincially. The Federal Government tells us to hold the province accountable and the province ignores the questions. That has been allowed to go on for decades with the equalization issue. Hopefully with the RCMP involved now, change will happen, and Cape Breton and rural Nova Scotia will start to benefit from funding that the federal government is sending to assist us with our problems, such as high taxation.

You may send Nicole Gnazdowsky your words of encouragement right here in the comment section as she follows the NSEF on Facebook. Thank you, Nicole, for thinking about us as you go through this process and we are sorry about what happened to your brother, Andrew. We hope you can feel the love and strength we are sending you from Cape Breton Island and we look forward to your visit. Again, a big thank you to Jordan Bonaparte of the Nighttime Podcast for getting on this story quickly. Please check out his podcast website as he has many very interesting podcasts to listen to. Lastly, a big thank you to Global News for covering this story and we wish you had coverage in the CBRM.

The Nighttime Podcast links to Nicole’s story:

Part 1
Part 2

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Dear Premier Houston: The intimidation/harassment of this young woman by government using its police resources reported in the media is unacceptable and needs to be stopped. This young woman and her parents are entitled to the truth surrounding the death of her younger brother and their son. This is the link to the story printed in the media: Why is the government dismissing this young woman’s (and family’s) request to know the answer(s) which led to the untimely death of her younger brother? The government’s response appears to treat this workplace death as just another cost of doing business. I believe the family, too, sees it this way. This incident calls for accountability and transparency on the part of all to know the cause of this workplace death. I trust you want to see the truth about this workplace death is provided to this family. I trust too that you will reply to let me know what you intend to do about this matter. Sincerely, Charles W. Sampson Sydney Forks, N.S.

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