The NSEF interviewed on the Situation Podcast about 2022 Plans...

The NSEF along with the Cape Breton Situation Podcast met to discuss the plans for the new year. The NSEF will start to promote transparency and accountability on Tik Tok for 2022 with Father Maroun, who will turn 91 in a month, starring in the new social media platform videos.

Father Maroun will continue to educate the younger generation on how Cape Breton and rural Nova Scotia are generating the total equalization transfer for the province that is misappropriated by the provincial government. Simply stated....keeping us poor in rural Nova Scotia generates a very large transfer ($2.4 Billion) for the provincial government who are not being transparent with this funding and where it is spent. It comes to Nova Scotia so we are not over taxed to live at a Canadian standard and yet here we are in CBRM paying some of the highest taxes in the country.... 

Here is the video of the podcast:  

The Cape Breton Situation Podcast spoke to the NSEF senior members about the new year:

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Charles Sampson Follow Me
How much longer before this community's electorate starts to hold their politicians accountable for their lack of transparency about these yearly federal Equalization transfers to this province?
Charles Sampson Follow Me
Another previous example of trying to have my member of Parliament to be accountable for his government's lack of accountability.
Charles Sampson Follow Me
This previous attempt to have MP Mike Kelloway answerable for his government's betrayal of this community received this number of readers on this site.

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