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The Original Tasty Treat

In 1936, Mike Dezagiacomo, then 23, bought the restaurant and candy store from Mr. Vihos, a Greek man, and would continue to run the business until December 1962 when the restaurant closed. It was a different day then, Betty, one of their youngest daughters remembers. It was a great gathering spot for the youth in town and a popular spot for former teachers like Matt Breski who used to talk about his days at the restaurant to his class. New immigrants to the town even came to the restaurant to help them learn a little English. Vihos Sweets sold more than just the sweets but was a full-fledged restaurant. It stood where Shoppers Drugmart stands today on Commercial Street. If you want to read more about Vihos Sweets and the Tasty Treat visit my blog at

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Tasty Treat holds many memories for me.....I went through elementary school at the three schools on Grand Lake Road....St. Agustin's and both Lakevale was forbidden for us to go there but the mere thought of a burger special was too enticing so we would fake parents notes and save up the 1.25 and get over to get that heavenly burger special at least once a week....I am 50 now and it hasn't changed a bit for me I still crave those burger specials to this day and make it a point to have one as often as I can.....the memories of old friends sitting at the picnic tables enjoying a good lunch in the old school days is directly attributed to Tasty Treat.....thanks for the memories God Speed
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