The Tiny House Movement Comes To Cape Breton

Matthew Willox got into tiny home construction by chance.  

Matthew Willox

Matthew met a couple at a party one night who were exploring the idea of putting a tiny home on their rural Cape Breton property. When they heard he built houses, they asked him if he’d build theirs.

Matthew went home that night and researched the Tiny House Movement online. The more he read, the more he became intrigued with the challenge of designing and building tiny homes.

Matthew is the owner/operator of Howling Dog Construction in Coxheath.

“I’ve built 7,000 square foot homes, and they are fairly simple by comparison,” says Matthew. “Fitting everything you need into 200 square feet? Now, that’s hard.”

“The first tiny home I built was on a flatbed trailer 25-feet long by 7½-feet wide. To meet my client’s needs, I had to design and build custom furniture as well.”

Matthew is now fielding calls from potential customers in Europe and the United States who own property in Cape Breton, and are exploring the tiny house option.

Read more about the Tiny House Movement

Howling Dog Construction

T:  (902) 322-3471

E: howlingdogconstruction@gmail.com

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