Time To Prep Your Lawn For Summer

Happy spring, Capers!

Mother Nature gave us a hardy winter blast, so we are all ready for some warmer weather and less snow.

This time of year is always a good time to walk our property and clean up branches and note any damage from the winter. Now what to do …

Well, after all your raking and cleaning up, start off right with lime and spring fertilizer to boost the healthy growth of your lawn. Maybe you see mossy or greyish areas on your grass caused from snow mould, so you should aerate with special tools found at hardware stores. Or, if the area isn’t too large, maybe use a garden fork. Some people put on old golf shoes and stomp around, but I don’t think that really goes deep enough, so I recommend one of the other two methods. Whatever route you choose, aeration is an important step to a healthy lawn.

Your lawn needs a balanced feed in spring to promote strong root growth as well as giving you the green turf. Maybe you are lucky enough to have your own organic compost to add to the lawn, but if not, try a good fertilizer.

The three numbers on the fertilizer bag show the relative strength of each of the key ingredients. The first number is for Nitrogen (N), which promotes the green top. The second number is for Phosphorous (P), which stimulates root growth. The last number is Potassium (K), which promotes overall and lasting lawn health.

So get out and get those hands dirty this spring, and once your lawns are cleaned up, why not drop over to see us in the greenhouse. We are ready to help you dress up your yard and home with great baskets and plants.

Valerie Planetta

Valerie’s Greenhouse

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