Towering poles on Charlotte Street

I was recently on Charlotte Street in Sydney and was shocked when I saw the electrical poles. The poles are huge and not attractive in the least. Why were the wires not placed unground, and if that was not feasible at least put in posts that are attractive. Am I the only one perplexed by this situation?

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I have contacted councillors who promised to follow up with the correct information on who exactly is making decisions on the upgrade and why underground wiring is not happening. I have received information that each of those hideous poles cost $20,000 which completely blows my mind so I would love to see a cost analysis and comparison on poles vs underground wiring. Why are the councillors silent on this???? Btw: I’ve spoken to several NSPower officials who say the bulk of the cost estimate and appraisal would be factoring in tearing up the road which is already happening to upgrade the infrastructure.

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