Tracy's Encounter With June Bugs At The Chip Wagon [COMEDY VIDEO]

Tracy is not a big fan of June bugs, especially when they get in her hair. She describes her experience at the chip wagon, and why she may spend the rest of the month indoors.

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Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
I know where you are coming from Tracy, I feel the same way. Thank God they only last a day. I also don't turn outside lights on until they are gone. I don't mind the sound of them bouncing off the screens because when I see them on their backs on the step in the morning, it is rather pleasing. Actually, we have found in the past few years, there are not as many. Hang in there, they will soon be gone for another year.
Ken Jessome Follow Me
Even though I'm sorry, it's kind of surprising but cool to learn beautiful and well-known people like Tracy have problems just like ordinary people do, like with bugs and getting rocks thrown at you. I don't go out much either. So this video is sad, but it made me really happy.

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