"Trump Bump" Gives Canadian Tourism Big Boost

Donald Trump may not know it, but he's proving to be a boon for Canadian tourism.

CNN has coined the phenomenon the "Trump bump" — referring to the boost in tourism that Cape Breton, N.S. is hoping for this summer, thanks to anti-Trump sentiment.

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Talk of Trump refugees fleeing to Canada turns into free tourism publicity.
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Walter Ogelsby Follow Me
Sorta pisses me off, this "trend". I've spent the better part of two years convincing my wife we need to direct our Full-Time Winnebago in the direction of the Maritimes, hoping to discover that which y'all already know... only to be hit with this freaking nitwit, driving people up here to get away from him. Nooooooo!
Tanya Rogers Follow Me
Imagine how many unhappy Americans will be fleeing here now that Biden is in. The job chopping has already begun and he is in his first month of presidency!

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