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The photography of Kris Tynski. My photography is focused on the wildlife, landscape, seacape and anything nature on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia.

Kris Tynski

Phone: (902) 539-1517

Email: [email protected]

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Cape Breton Island nature and wildlife photography
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Joanie Cunningham Follow Me
Very nice! I especially love the green of the hemlock grove. Do you sell prints anywhere?
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Is that eagle a real photo? Any photo editing to enhance the sharpness? It looks amazing.
Kris Tynski My Post Follow Me
Thanks Mathew! It was a great day, lighting was excellent, nice melt on the ice helped enhance the photo image. Very minor editing was done to increase the sharpness of the photo. I like to keep my photos as raw and natural as much as possible.
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Nice. Do you sell your prints anywhere?
Kris Tynski My Post Follow Me
We do. We are based from our home, but we ddo have prints at Best of Cape Breton on Bentinck St in Sydney, and Colouratura Galley on the Cabot Trail towards Wreck Cove. I will send off the price list to your email address listed here with your profile. We are designing a new website where you can choose the photo and order directly, it should be ready mid July. If you have any further questions, just let me know. Thanks again!
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Hey Kris .. is this where you take some of your eagle photos: https://capebreton.lokol.me/local-eagles-a-delight-for-local-photographers#InternalComments
Kris Tynski My Post Follow Me
Yes, some of them are taken here. Other locations include East Bay Sandbar, New Campbellton Rd, Edwardsville, Westmount. There is an abundance of eagles across the island. As I always say to my wife, look for the golf ball in the trees :)

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