Waiting For surgery? You Have A Choice

If you’re currently waiting for a medical procedure, you’re not alone. For a procedure like a knee replacement, you could be waiting several years to get treated, leaving you with unnecessary pain and a lower quality of life. 

Sara Mooney, Director of Operations at Centric Health Surgical Centre Toronto says in most of Canada, it is not uncommon to wait nearly a year to get a consultation with an orthopaedic surgeon — and then a two-year wait for the actual surgery.

“A lot of patients feel trapped within the public healthcare system,” says Mooney. “We want them to know they have a choice — a Canadian choice.”

Most Canadians have the misconception that they need to travel south of the border or another international destination to get expensive elective surgery, but there are options much closer to home.

Centric Health Surgical Centre Toronto (Don Mills)

Even without emergencies, Mooney says surgical procedures are more expensive south of the border. An expedited knee replacement costs around $50,000 USD at a facility in the U.S., but it would be between $25,000 and $30,000 CDN here in Canada.

“What we’re offering at our location is expedited access to consultation for elective procedures that have been deemed necessary, but are unavailable in a timely manner locally to the patient,” says Mooney.

Any patient who considers getting treated at the Centre would have to undergo a consultation to determine if they’re a surgical candidate. Throughout the process, a Client Care Coordinator will provide guidance throughout the intake process and can also help with helping organizing flights and accommodations.

“Why wait, if you don’t have to?” says Mooney. “You have a choice.”



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