We will lose good people in Cape Breton

Kudos to Kendra Coombes for identifying retainment & recruitment as the fundamental issues to be addressed in our doctor shortage issue.  See her letter in the Cape Breton Post HERE 

" We need a government that is listening to those on the ground about what needs to be done in order to recruit and retain more health care workers. 

I will add to that statement this comment: " IN MOST CASES, IT IS EASIER AND LESS COSTLY TO RETAIN THAN TO RECRUIT"

In a recent article in the Port Hawkesbury Reporter " Council taking away walking trail with decision to back multi-use route " we see a local doctor pleading with elected officials and the people of Richmond County not to destroy his family's quality of life for the pleasure of a niche group of hobbyists who mostly don't actually live in the communities. We see Doctors, Engineers, Teachers and other professionals doing the same in CBRM where they have already made the same mistake and are causing great harm to existing and longstanding peaceful communities, for absolutely no good reason. 

Words used in the Port Hawkesbury Reporter article above like:

"We were extremely disheartened, frustrated and confused" and "it is unacceptably dangerous for us to walk/run/sled/snowshoe on trails that are frequented by ATVs/dirt bikes/snowmobiles as our children see these as attractive and will unknowingly gravitate toward a potentially deadly situation"

and "the most common and often most serious injuries seen around here involve ATVs and dirt bikes" and "Our family will never feel safe walking the trail"  are all red flags being raised in Richmond County but we already see these exact outcomes in District 9/10 in CBRM.

When local Doctors and Engineers and other Professionals are taking time out of busy schedules to warn elected officials about idiotic decisions that directly and negatively affect our quality of life, Kendra and other elected officials should listen now, before it is too late. Good people who can offer great value to our communities will not stick around to be disrespected and all for a substandard lifestyle. If the people of Richmond County do not stand behind Dr. MacNeil and his family, they should (but hopefully not) pack up and move their family elsewhere. There's lots of beautiful places in Canada that have life affirming public policies and the MacNeil family deserves the best that life can bring them.

Join this Facebook group to see why Dr. MacNeil and others are trying hard to reverse these ill-informed decisions and make CBRM a better place to live, stay or move to: 

Residential Areas - ATVs (OHVs)

It is a private group free of bullying and full of information


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Elizabeth Hardy Follow Me
In my opinion ATV’s should stick to the owner’s private property. The vehicles are ruining the environment, they are noisy and destroy the landscape. Allowing them to use nature trails is a crime. The trails will attract tourists in their pure condition, who would be attracted to a trail that would be heavily rutted, and while hiking you need to move out of these noisy machines way. Allowing ATV’s will certainly ruin a good thing, the peace, beauty, and serenity of the trail. I shudder to image not just local people using the trail with ATVs , but also the people from outside the community using the trail. The beautiful environment in Cape Breton is what draws tourists, don’t ruin a good thing.
Joseph Campbell My Post Follow Me
I couldn't agree more. We see comments now about how ATVs will create economic development or increase tourism, these are deceptive comments. What's concerning to me is the people that are making these comments. It is also concerning that our Councillors are not properly representing residents like you or I. There is many like us in CBRM that are not being taken seriously....yet!
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
I was so disappointed by the decision by the Council to even think about letting this happen. I thought with the new Mayor and new mother, would look to the future when she will be able to take her little one on a nature trail. I guess that will be out in a year or so, it doesn't take long to destroy them.
Mike Johnson Follow Me
The ATV Clubs have 1000s of miles of mapped Trails all over CB. The Club Members usually trailer their vehicles for access and enjoy themselves without infringing on anyone's privacy. However, many of the other owners violate the Traffic rules, drive on private property, beaches and anything that they can access. With all of the other trails at their disposal, ATVs should not be allowed near any residential or any non-motorized areas. We certainly do not need any more 'Multi-Use' Trails near communities. Unfortunately, the ATV Associations are V well organized, and have money and number to influence governments.
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
I have lived with this problem for many years and watched the little trail I used become impassable on foot. These four wheelers deprive the people of my subdivision of their sleep and comfort. As many as 10-12 roar thru the little trail at two and three in the morning, revving their engines as you can hear them coming and going passing our subdivision for half hour or more. On this trail there were blueberries, blackberries and cranberries and an array of wild flowers. Because I couldn't see the damage done, I stopped on the 101 where I could see what was left of the trail. Broke my heart.
Joseph Campbell My Post Follow Me
You lived through this nightmare and others right across the country have lived through it. So the question is: How can CBRM council pass such an idiotic motion with so much negative experience already out there?
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
Joe, we don't have the problem of noise and destruction anymore because the trail is destroyed, even to the 4 wheelers. Unfortunately nobody can use it. It will need lots of soil to fill in the ruts and holes caused in the past 7-8- years.
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