Weather Enthusiast Manages Network of Private Weather Stations

Jonathan Buffet got hooked on the weather when he was a teenager.  

Now, the 27-year-old from Sydney Mines manages a network of 21 private weather stations throughout Cape Breton Island that collect data and post it on Cape Breton Mesonet. Jonathan uses the data to analyze microclimates on Cape Breton Island, such as heatwaves, windstorms, and floods, like the one in October of 2016.

Currently living in Dartmouth, Jonathan works as a meteorological inspector. He inspects, builds, and maintains weather stations across the Maritimes.  

You can find the data from all the weather stations at

You can also check out Cape Breton Weather LIVE!  which features Cape Breton highway-cams, weather radar, and current conditions in various parts of the Island.

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Randy Pointkoski Follow Me
Congrats to Jonathan and Co fro getting Johnstown added to the Network, See This morning Sydney Forks reports 11.7 Degrees (could be Canada's Hot spot) .. much warmer that Cape North at 1.7 degrees
Randy Pointkoski Follow Me
A nIce message from Jonathan Buffett and the Mesonet for January 12, 2018 Hi Everyone, Contrary to the extreme cold we’ve been experiencing over the past several weeks, a warm airmass has moved in from the south and brought with it some impressive temperatures (for some places, anyway). As always, there was great variation across our great island today. Below is a summary of maximum temperatures (C). The highest temps were seen in the down slope winds off the Cape Breton highlands, while portions of the southeastern lowlands and Atlantic Coast remained relatively cooler, but still quite mild. Bay St. Lawrence was the hotspot.. not just in CB but likely for all of Canada. Also interesting to see that the warm, southwesterly down slope winds off the highland plateau made it halfway across the Cabot Strait to St. Paul Island, with a max temp there of 16.2, very Impressive! 17.8 at Bay St. Lawrence 17.0 at Smelt Brook 16.7 at Whale Cove (Margaree Hbr.) 16.5 at Cheticamp 16.2 at St. Paul Island 16.0 at Cape North 15.9 at Ingonish Beach 15.6 at Port Hawkesbury 15.3 at River Denys 15.2 at Port Hawkesbury Airport 15.1 at Middle River 14.6 at North East Margaree 14.5 at Roberta 14.2 at Grand Etang 14.1 at St. Andrews Channel 14.0 at Hays River 13.5 at North Shore 13.1 at Sydney Forks 12.9 at Iona 12.8 at Johnstown 12.7 at Sydney (Wentworth Park) 12.7 at Sydney Mines 12.6 at Sydney Mines (Victoria Dr.) 12.4 at Sydney (CBC) 12.1 at Millville 12.1 at Port Caledonia 12.1 at Sydney Airport 11.1 at Castle Bay 10.9 at Eskasoni 10.7 at Waddens Cove 8.9 at Framboise 7.8 at Louisbourg
Joe Ward Follow Me
Very warm! :)

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