What Is Wood Plastic Core Flooring?

Daniel Latham

In recent years, we have seen the rapid evolution of waterproof vinyl click-type floors on the market. The category of Luxury Vinyl Plank/Tile (LVP/T) floors has exploded into a multitude of sub-categories and installation options, often leaving customers confused.


Wood Plastic Core floors are one of the new products to debut in this category. To make the issue more confusing, Wood Particle Core floors don’t actually contain any wood or organic material, which makes them good for use in moist areas of the home, like bathrooms, kitchens, and entry ways.

Wood Plastic Core is produced using a mixture of plastic particles and heated thermoplastic resins, that are compressed to produce a very stable core. Images are then applied to the surface using film. A protective coating (wear layer) is placed atop the film layer to protect the surface. Wood Plastic Core shares almost the same composition as composite outdoor decking, which has become popular due to its resistance to water and rot.


Wood Plastic Core floors also offer exceptional dent resistance and a comfort underfoot that is unmatched in the LVP/T category. Wood Plastic Core’s extra sound and thermal insulation qualities also add to home owner enjoyment.


As a rule of thumb, think of Wood Plastic Core as having all the bells and whistles, whereas the others - SPC or vinyl LVP/T - usually do not. These differences are the reason why Wood Plastic Core core floors cost more than their less expensive counterparts.

Independent flooring retailers carry a wide variety of products in order to meet every customer’s budget and installation needs. Be sure to ask lots of questions and consider purchasing from a local independent flooring specialist. Most independent flooring retailers have products you won’t find at big-box stores or lumber yards.


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