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Photo is a video screenshot of Bette MacDonald in the Cape Breton Summertime Review.

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Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
"Get outta dat water Cecil b'y" -Maynard Morrison and Bette MacDonald in the Cape Breton Summertime Review from the early 1990s.
Tera Camus Follow Me
"I'm so hungry, I could eat the legs off the lamb of God."
Rory Andrews Follow Me
There's always the ubiquitous "Who's your Fader?" I think we should probably just go back to Viking times, when I would say "I'm Rory, son of Rob, son of Kenneth, son of Beowulf." Seriously though, I've never lived in a place that can judge your character based on lineage. It's super weird.
Joe Ward Follow Me
Just imagine how the son of Don, son of Donald, son of Fred will feel in 15 years from now. :P #Trump
Ann MacKenzie Follow Me
The Donald's mother is from Lewis! http://www.express.co.uk/news/world/651569/Donald-Trump-Scottish-Mother-Scotland-Mary-MacLeod-Real-estate-developer-Isle-of-Lewis
Brenda Jean Morrison Follow Me
Ugh! I try not to think about it! Just grateful I’m not a MacLeod from Lewis
Richard Lorway Follow Me
D'jeet jet?
Bill Farr Follow Me
No, jou? G'way bye, it's twirly teet anyways.
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
How she goin' b'y?
Jennifer Witham Follow Me
"gonna puck ya in da mout!" I laid that one on some co-workers in Ottawa years ago and they sat there gaping like fish at me. Oh, and "fill yer boots" is another one that the Upper Canadian population didn't seem to grasp :-D
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Lord tunderin' Jeezus b'y!
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
"Is this Dave or the other Dave?" ... callers on CJCB Talk Back
Tera Camus Follow Me
lol ... god i miss that show... too bad you guys don't offer a call-in show via this site
Heather Sparling Follow Me
That guy sticks to that other guy "like a snot on a sleeve."
Heather Sparling Follow Me
BTW, it's worth noting that the new Dictionary of Cape Breton English has just been published by U of Toronto Press (it's authored by Bill Davey and Richard MacKinnon). There'll be a launch for it at the McConnell Library on Friday, Nov 4, 4-6 pm. Come and see if your favourite word is there, and discover (or remember) others!
Christine Thomson Follow Me
Actually the launch has been rescheduled to Thursday Nov 10th 4-6 pm at McConnell Library in Sydney. Hope to see everyone there! Come find out what flying axe handles, strippers, stemmers and strupag mean to Cape Bretoners. CBC Mainstreet will broadcast from the launch and there will be music by Nipper MacLeod of the Men of the Deeps! There will be also be strupag! (p. 169)
Denise Monbourquette Follow Me
Jesus, Mary and Joseph!!
Barbara MacDonald Follow Me
"Like the fella says."
Richard Lorway Follow Me
Y'know yerself...
Danny Sparrow Follow Me
LORD TUNDERIN ____ {edited by admins}
Danny Sparrow Follow Me
Ian McNeil Follow Me
what's goin' on? (especially when it's uttered as one word - 'sko-in'on?)
Jennifer Witham Follow Me
The one I've never understood is the use of the word "how" in place of "why". Where'd that get its start? :-) oh yes and "where's it at?"
gloria cheetham Follow Me
who's your father, who's your mother
Jen Flynn Follow Me
"Gum-bootin-er" - Running fast with effort (like running in goulashes) As in: Me buddie was comin over the hill and he was just-a gumbootin 'er.
Barbara MacDonald Follow Me
"Hold my beer & watch this"
Bill Fiander Follow Me
"It's colder in the winter than it is in the country. " Workmate said its a Mabou saying.
Darrin McLean Follow Me
"C'mon b'y" or replacing the word "my" with "me" as in "Where's me pit-boots?"
Ann MacKenzie Follow Me
How's she goin'?
Ann MacKenzie Follow Me
Get to Judique!
Bruce Spencer Follow Me
Capers are fond of high-flautin' words like "heretofore" and "whereby". Just listen to this: Caper1: Here. Two-four. Caper2: Where, b'y?
Pete Mc Dougall Follow Me
I 'am so hungry ...I could eat the a*** out of a skunk !!!
Kel donovan Follow Me
Keep it up an there won't be enough of ya left to put in a match box!
Valerie McPhee Follow Me
He's as loose as a pan of soot in the wind!!
Cathy MacDonald Follow Me
"Notalodtalendit" Billy: Hey Johnny can I have a turn on your new bike? Johnny: No Billy, Ma said I am "Notalodtalendit"
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
I still use that one!
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