Who is Ashleigh, and why is she so Awesome?

People, on average, are not jerks. I know that if you watch the news, read the papers, or have any kind of political discussions regarding Cape Breton, it's easy to form the opinion that our little island is on a downhill trajectory because deep down, humanity is a self-serving, greedy, infectious species. You could form the same opinion about the world as a whole, but I don't. It seems to me that the good stories just aren't being told. Whether it's because journalists don't want to tell them, or the audience doesn't want to hear them, I don't know, but stories about good people doing good things seem few and far between.

This is a small story, about one bag stapled to a telephone pole on Charlotte Street. It's about one random person, partaking in one random act of kindness, with no real profit or recognition to be gained. These are the kind of stories I like.

I'm not a journalist. I don't know who Ashleigh is, or why she did this. I'm just happy to live in a place where people will take time out of their day, and money out of their pocket to help out a random, cold stranger.

Thanks Ashleigh, and keep doing what you're doing!

If you have any stories about random acts of kindness, feel free to share. We're just a bunch of people flying through cold, dark space on a random blue ball of matter. The least we could do is be nice to each other.

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Chris Bellemore Follow Me
They do this in all the major cities now. It's great.Most people aren't jerks. Some are nice. Some are great. It comes down to the values we share along with inregrity . Some we relate to and appreciate and others we don't. The key is not to expect too much from people and most acts will amaze you.
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dodie Hanna Follow Me
Randall Thompson Follow Me
People do acts of kindness all the time, and most you never hear about. How about all the soup kitchens, Salvation Army, places for addicts, etc. This is going on in all cities for hundreds of years, with many doing unsung charity. It's a nice act of charity. Would mean a lot to someone who needs it. We just need to care and get out of our comfort zones.
Lynn Hussey Follow Me
Thanks for this..keep writing positive stories..love it~

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