Wooden Guitar Picks Promote Cape Breton and the Environment

Adam Chiasson is no stranger to the music industry.  Born and raised in Sydney River, Adam played in bands and toured Canada and the USA with Jennifer Roland.  Adam currently lives in Calgary, where he started his company Tree Picks almost by accident.

"I stumbled across some wood that I had and made a few picks for myself and some friends,” said Adam.   “I got really good feedback, so I started experimenting with different types of wood and designs. Six months later, I started selling picks with Cape Breton Island on them."

Tree Picks are customized, laser-etched guitar picks.  They are made from a range of woods and in a variety of styles for different types of guitar players from jazz to acoustic.  To give back to the environment, Tree Picks plants a tree for every guitar pick they sell.

Tree Picks currently sell in over 20 countries.  A few musicians such as Justine Vandergrift and Matt Blais even have their own line of picks.

For more information, visit TreePicks.com

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