Yikes! Have You Googled Yourself Lately?

Go ahead, Google your business name, product, or service:
  • Are you easy to find?
  • Does your website appear?
  • Does it look well designed and give a good first impression?
If the answer is NO, then you have already lost customers.  You are probably losing another customer right now.  
Websites used to be expensive to build and complicated to maintain.  Not so any more ... if you use the right technologies. That's where I can help.
  1. I will quickly design a website that makes you look good and easy to find.

  2. I will make sure it works well on mobile devices (because most people now view websites on their phones).

  3. In one hour, I will show you how to easily update your own website so you don't have to pay maintenance fees. Plus, I'll answer all your questions about email, social media, and more.
All for as low as $1,000.
Business Websites - Fast, Affordable, Easy To Maintain
Watch the video below then find out more at Joanie.ca

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