Zombies, Run!

I've decided to use this post as a public service platform and will update the comments section with my zombie encounters. 

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I've been running from zombies for a while now and am curious if there are any other "Runner #5" in Cape Breton???
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Joanie Cunningham My Post Follow Me
Only one encounter with zombies today .... Near the Atlantic street field.
Joanie Cunningham My Post Follow Me
Three zombie encounters today. First at the train bridge near the bandshell in Wentworth park, at 6:42pm. Second in front of Vogue Optical on The Esplanade at 6:47pm. Third near just past Brookland Elementary on Cabot Street at 7:02 pm. Take care everyone!
Joanie Cunningham My Post Follow Me
Oops, I forgot to update with latest sightings... Hope no one got caught! Anyway, zombie encounteres on the evening of June 23 at the Atlantic Street field, and in front of the Silicon Island building.
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