Build a One-Page Website from Scratch! No experience required!

The new year is a great opportunity to pick up some new skills! If you are looking to get your feet wet when it comes to programming, then this is the workshop for you! This workshop has been designed for absolute beginners. If you know absolutely nothing about coding or computer programming, you’ve come to the right place! Our only expectation is that you know how to open up a web browser and do something online like checking your email.

HTML and CSS are the backbone of all websites. The web without HTML and CSS would be would be a world without colourful, good-looking websites, not to mention the web applications we all use daily. It’s easy to learn, and was designed so that everyone - even non-programmers - can do it. No fancy programs are needed, just Notepad and a web browser!

The Ladies Learning Code Introduction to HTML & CSS workshop is designed to be a hands- on experience.
During the session, you'll learn:
- Basic techniques and concepts that are translatable to other programming languages
- The building blocks of how HTML and CSS work together to create richer online experiences
- How to create a rich website with images, video, and a CSS-defined layout
- What resources are available if you’d like to continue learning at home (and we think you will)

Come give it a try, and join our growing community of learners! Ladies Learning Code is a national not-for-profit organization that creates safe, inclusive, positive spaces for learning code! Men are welcome to attend LLC workshops, and are encouraged to bring a female learner when possible. 

Saturday, January 30
10am - 4pm
Navigate Startup House, in the New Dawn Center for Social Innovation (formerly Holy Angels)
37 Nepean Street, Sydney

Register here

Please note that you will be expected to bring your own laptop. If this is a barrier for you, please get in touch with us at 902-578-6676, or email [email protected]

A little taste of Ladies Learning Code workshops!

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madeline yakimchuk Follow Me
I would love to attend a similar course for people who know their way around HTML enough to do a basic site but have been avoiding incorporating CSS into their experiments! I wonder how much of this particular course is about CSS?
Ardelle Reynolds My Post Follow Me
Hi Madeline, Thanks for the feedback! The workshop is about 50/50, with the morning spent on HTML, and then moving on to CSS for the afternoon. We also do Coffee and Coding evenings once a month so that people that take the workshops can continue to build their skills, and those evenings tend to focus more on CSS. We're also planning to do a CSS workshop, which would be the follow-up to this one, in late February or early March. Hope something in there would be useful to you -- we'd love to have you at a workshop! Let me know if you have any other questions, or suggestions for workshop topics!
madeline yakimchuk Follow Me
Thank you for the information Ardelle. I will register. Even if I think I know the HTML part, I am self taught and not a coder, so it might be fun to get some orientation, and I would definitely be interested in the CSS part, and maybe even the coffee! I was doing a little speed reading of this post and thought for a moment you were talking about a language... COFFEE... seems to me that might exist at some point, somewhere :-)
madeline yakimchuk Follow Me
Found it! I knew it was familiar. I use Cinema4D once in a while.

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