Favorite Flowers for CB Climate: Fall Bulbs

UPDATE:  Spring photos are included below!


My third post on backyard gardening in Cape Breton!  This one is all about a new flower bed, full of bulbs.

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I love bulbs ... especially very early varieties.  Our winters seem to take forever to end, but when I see the early snow crocus' starting to poke through, I do a little spring-time dance  :-)

A few months ago, I gave my daughter a budget of $100 and the Vessey's fall bulb catalog. There was some sort of deal so she was able to pick out about $150 worth of bulbs.  Last week, the order arrived!

She ordered:

First, to figure out where to plant all these goodies.  My mom suggested the best spot... around the base of our Japanese Maple.  This tree is located near our front step, facing south.  Hot and lots of sun.  Someone, before we lived in this house, filled in the area around this tree with landscaping fabric and lots of white rocks.  I never liked the rocks and have been slowly getting rid of them.  

So, this flower bed started with a shovel and wheelbarrow.  It took about about five loads to clear away the rocks and fabric.  Found lots of tree roots right at the surface.  

Then filled in the space with eight bags of premixed manure, peat moss, and top soil.

Then I did some research on the bulbs and laid them out by flower size.  The tallest blooms were placed closest to the tree.

Buried the bulbs, tamped down the soil and topped with mulch.

Looks so pretty already.  I'm a little concerned because I wasn't able to bury the larger bulbs deep enough.  Will just have to wait and see how it does in the spring!


Photos taken May 12, 2016

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I have discovered a few very nice plants and decided to post them here. I invite other gardeners to share their favorite plants for our lovely CB climate.
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