True Capers Cartoon by Ron Evely

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Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
Wow, take note of what's written at the bottom of this cartoon ... it was originally published 22 years ago yet the problem still exists today in 2019.
Lloyd Allan MacPherson Follow Me
Recently while gathering microfiche at CBU on an environmental suit back in the early 90's, I couldn't help but notice the political/social commentary pointed towards us perhaps suffering from a 'Groundhog Day' existence we are not aware of - remove the dates, times and players and you are left with nothing but a broken record - we've been eating cake to the same soundtrack (and have returned to vinyl for a reminiscent experience). It's almost time to wake up.
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
For years I've been saying that I'm sick and tired of being in meetings where people discuss the exact same problems that we were discussing 20 years ago ... yet no solutions ever implemented despite mountains of money spent.
Lloyd Allan MacPherson Follow Me
Short term fixes present very few long term gains, that's for sure. Perhaps the first thing they should throw at a problem is forethought, and not cash. If our politicians are disconnected from the realm of current possibilities, there is a good chance this foresight will never materialize - it's likely due to status-quo protectionism being recognized as a 'skill' in these ranks. When we look at what 'could be', we quickly realize it's a curse.
Brenda Matheson Follow Me
My math says 22 years ago
Lloyd Allan MacPherson Follow Me
Brenda, are you saying Mathew's response is not adding up? Good
Mathew Georghiou Follow Me
OMG, you mean I'm 10 years older! :-) Fixed.

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