No Debate for District 8

Election time is when residents from communities across the municipality spend a little extra time reflecting on the past 4 years and take into account the work their current Councillor has or has not completed. It is also a time to consider new candidates and think about what they are offering in terms of change. Of course, having the opportunity to chat with candidates at the door is helpful and offers a chance to ask those burning questions you may have, but in my experience one of the most effective ways to cover many topics and really dig into important issues is through public forums or debates. 

Like many of you, I watched the first round of Presidential debates last night and was thrilled to see true colours and opinions of each candidate come out. This type of setting shows your potential leader’s capacity to think on the spot, verify their knowledge of important issues, get a clear understanding of their plans for development and see their true character and ability to handle stressful situations.

I sent an invitation to our current Councillor Kevin Saccary to participate in a public forum where, like the upcoming Mayoral Debate, candidates from District 8 would be asked questions produced by the audience. He was assured that all details were taken care of including the booking of a local venue, neutral moderator and volunteers to help with event management. He declined this opportunity citing,My experience has been that residents freely share that with me at the door because they feel less intimidated when discussing issues on a one to one basis as opposed to speaking in a public forum.

Not so according to research on voter behaviors in Canada. Allowing for this type of public forum where discussion deepens and residents are able to feed off of the questions and opinions posed by one another provides more accurate information to voters and is truly democratic. The only people that this type of situation may be intimidating for would be the candidates, and refusing to participate in an open, public forum shows one’s fear of answering the ‘hard’ question and facing the residents asking such questions.

Being accountable does not scare me, it is one of the main reasons I entered into this campaign for Councillor of District 8. I am available to answer any and all questions you have, in any manner you choose to ask them. 

My contact information is: 

Email: [email protected]

Phone: 902-574-6442

Wesite: www.ElectAmandaMcDougall.com

Facebook: @ElectAmandaMcD

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Joe Ward Follow Me
If I've learned anything about Councillor Saccary during my research into his sabotaging of the Destination Louisbourg project, it was that he likes to operate behind the scenes, where he may go unchallenged. He controls the message at the door, and if a voter challenges him, there is nobody else there to hear his response. And that is most comfortable to him, perhaps. When he went on the attack of Dorothy Payne (Chair for Synergy Louisbourg) at the last council meeting she presented at, he tried to hurl accusations at her and then did his best to actually *prevent her from responding*. I'm not entirely surprised he's unwilling to attend a public debate. The type of questions that can be asked of him, he'll almost certainly not be able to provide a good answer for. His commitment to Louisbourg can be measured by the state of the boardwalk. It's an embarrassment to the town and the CBRM to leave it in that state. Saccary's yet to have provided an explanation as to why he was interfering with the Destination Louisbourg project after the CBRM itself and other partners had already approved funding. Somehow it made sense to him to jeopardize major funding partners, and get in the way of the improvement and economic enhancement of one of Cape Breton's greatest tourism assets?
Bill Fiander Follow Me
There should be a requirement that all policicians submit to a public forum to answer the concerns of residents. Joe, your pledge, if everyone committed to it, would make councilors accountable especially in the case of Saccary. This is particularly important since the local CB Post have not questioned him and his conflict of interest regarding the Synergy project. It is all over social media regarding this conflict of interest, and the proof was provided, but the unfortunate thing is that a number of voters do not access social media. It's disheartening to see a councilor who has done so much damage to his own district not be held accountable.
Bill Fiander Follow Me
Well Amanda, apparently there was a conspiracy involving a public forum in district 8 where representatives could sit down with their constituents and answer questions. In the words of Daffy Duck ' despicable' :). Although daffy never seemed to be able to say this without spitting. As I'm doing now with my coffee and reading your opponents words in the CB Post about being 'blind sided' and 'your motives'. It smacks of conspiracy, Ms MacDougall, and Kevin is just not going to take it.
Amanda McDougall My Post Follow Me
At least we can have a sense of humor, even in the most tense and serious of times! Those darn motives of openness and accessibility will be the end of me :)
madeline yakimchuk Follow Me
Anyone who insists on private one-on-one communications as their only engagement with the community is just trying to control us. He tells everyone what he things they want to hear. I had one tory candidate in a previous election who I think did not know me take one look at me, catch my probable age, and immediately start to talk about "youth nowadays bla bla bla". You can't lie or manipulate as easily in public as you can one on one. Yes people like a little chat at the door, but the public thing is very scary for anyone who is used to lying while they are at those doors. Shame. If I am told by one more power holder that I should have expressed my concerns directly and privately first, I am going to explode.
Dan Yakimchuk Follow Me
Amanda McDougall will not sugar coat, so he will not saccary gloat.

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