GET 'ER DONE! Session 3: Information Sharing [VIDEO]

Information Sharing:

The role of media, social media, and citizens in building community and social capital.


  • Rob Calabrese

  • Stephanie Macphee

  • Ian McNeil

  • Joe Ward

  • Richard Lorway (moderator)



These comments, questions, and pledges were submitted by the audience using mobile devices during the live sessions and displayed on a large screen on stage. (Submitted from bottom up.)

  • Yes, Madeline. And we have digital edition at vista.pressreader.com and we're on Facebook too. Forgot to plug that earlier.

    Andrew Brooks

    • Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed, citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.Margaret Mead

      Heather MacIsaac

      • Victoria County Creates came from a freezing Sunday night discussion at the Baddeck Library. 7 people. 6 people said good conversation, I've been to a lot of these before. 1 person said let's not study the idea of an artist-in-residence, let's do it. It opened in June and it's already committed to being open year-round. 54 artists represented from around Victoria County and those coming to create art. Supports local artists AND attracts folks to Island. Tourists come in and buy local from the source.   

        Andrew Brooks

        • This Thursday evening, Doug and Steve are hosting a viewing of a documentary film of the Protocase involvement in the MARS Rover competition. More info atwww.tecsocial.ca 

          Bob Pelley

          • Joe ward has a lot to offer Cape Breton regardless of colour, age or gender. If we consider what we all have to offer without biases will we get farther ahead. 


            • https://capebreton.lokol.me/cape-breton-secrets

              Steven Rolls

              • Is this it?http://www.victoriastandard.ca

              • Capers shrug and say, "What can you do?"  Well, what CAN you do?


                • As someone who's lived in America most of my life, I can say Cape Bretoners are pretty bad at self promotion. Americans will always tell you how great you are. Cape Bretoners won't. We're too humble. It's not bad, but relying on word-of-mouth in 2016 is crazy-talk.

                  Rory Andrews

                  • Thank you guys for facilitating the female voice!


                    • In Victoria County, the Victoria Standard, owned by Andrew Brooks is hiring new writers and covering more events across Cape Breton all the time - including this event today! 


                      • And localxpress.com


                        • We can subscribe tocapebretonspectator.com!


                          • Has everyone subscribed tocapebretonspectator.com?


                            • Our Victoria Standard is here, Thanks Andrew Brooks!


                              • At goCapeBreton.com, Richard never knows what I'm doing. Best job ever.

                                Rory Andrews

                                • There is nothing wrong with listening to news from BC. We tend to go local to provincial to national and don't get to hear about local solutions from other regions. I'd like CBC to go there more. 


                                  • Zero budget, no meetings, existing infrastructure,  simply personal responsibility.  Care enough to pick up two pieces of litter a day (a bag if you are at the beach).  Facebook: a little less litter Cape Breton
                                    Social media rocks!


                                    • But there is a whole sector of CB who get their news from the Cape Breton. Post. They will likely last as long as this sector has left on the planet but meanwhile they need to be considered. 


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