• Do you know that the residents of Districts 9 and 10 of CBRM do not want a Residential ATV Trail (RAT), they prefer an Active Transportation Trail?
  • Do you know that the Cape Breton Regional Police Services do not want a Residential ATV Trail (RAT)?
  • Do you know that the IBI Engineering group that CBRM taxpayers paid for, recommended that CBRM do not create a a Residential ATV Trail (RAT)? 
  • Do you know that taxpayer's dollars paid for a survey in which the residents around the railway told CBRM that they didn't want ATVs on the a Residential Trail?

So just who wanted to bring a RAT to CBRM? Less than 1%-2% (AFAIK) of CBRM population, benefits from having a RAT in our community. If a decision was made (arguably, outside of council) to pervert a decade long Active Transportation Trail project to benefit such a small portion of the population (not the general public) that includes a few public servants making the decisions, then I personally feel that there is a conflict of interest. My feeling are my feelings and nobody can tell me my feelings are wrong :-)

Then a Dartmouth consulting group was granted a $160,871.00 tender (see HERE) to work on CBRM's "Active Transportation Plan". They conducted a public survey that was tainted with Anti-Active Transportation questions about ATVs. I personally made a request to the CEO of the consultant company to remove the anti-active transportation questions and republish the survey. After consulting CBRM officials he declined my request. This means that the survey that we paid for is contaminated and can actually be used to undermine Active Transportation efforts like what happened with the Coal Town Residential ATV Trail and could happen again in Sydney River (see BEWARE SYDNEY RIVER). It also appears that the consultant company may have went outside of the requirements of the tender that specifically asked for Active Transportation plan work, not Anti-Active Transportation. This tainting of an Active Transportation survey just reinforces my feelings of an "appearance of a conflict of interest". Read more about this tainted survey HERE. 

Public servants need to treat the appearance of conflict of interest just as serious as an actual conflict of interest. I touched on the subject of conflict of interest before HERE

Apparent Conflict of Interest

From the article above:

An apparent conflict of interest exists when there is a reasonable apprehension,  which reasonably well-informed persons could properly have, that a conflict of  interest exists.


I consider myself to be a reasonably well-informed person and I am reasonably apprehensive about the possibility here of a conflict of interest. 

So CBRM council (or NS ombudsman) should investigate this screw up in CBRM.

Residents Do Not Want RATs in Our Community

The community did not (and does not) want motorized vehicles on our residential trails. Since the unsanctioned commissioning of the Residential ATV Trail (RAT) we see: 

  • ATV Crime is up over 900% (More HERE)
  • Private land is being destroyed (See some of the destruction HERE)
  • Sensitive ecological systems are being disturbed
  • Excessive litter along the trails (Read HERE)
  • Residential property value is being destroyed along the trail (Read more about how this RAT affects your property value HERE)
  • Quality of life is being degraded along the trail
  • Vandalism (Some articles listed HERE)
  • Harassment and threats

CBRP Does Not Want RATs in Our Community

"Police did raise significant concerns about allowing off-road vehicles on the Coal Town Trail, because of its proximity to and intersection with community and residential roadways, and the potential impacts it would create for traffic safety."

Engineering Study Recommends Against A Resident ATV Trail (RAT)

We (taxpayers) paid for an independent opinion and we got it from a professional engineering group: Do not build a Residental ATV Trail (RAT)


Our Mayor and her family want to be able to drive their ATVs through our backyards. Oh well then!  FYI: You are not welcome to drive your ATVs through our backyards.

Official statement from the current mayor of CBRM, in the Mayor's office, promoting the increased use of ATVs in residential areas. This is fact and public.

Let's get the RATs out of our community :-) 

I have to make this statement so it is clear that I am not seen as harassing our elected officials or any groups of people: The following is political commentary related to community damaging and people harming policies that need to be reversed for the betterment of "all CBRM". This article is about recent unsanctioned decisions and actions in CBRM that are causing real community issues and can most likely be correlated to deaths and injuries, that's all.

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[comment deleted] Posted
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
But..........City Hall is a rat's nest.Just look at what Senior Administration and Council tried to pull off at last weeks council meeting.Despite the mayor being presented with a petition from Coxheath residents looking for information on the sale of property near Coxheath residents to a mining company they were gonna cast a vote{at a time of year when people are busy and not paying close attention to politics} on the sale but got caught at the last minute.Their solution: not invite the protestors in to clear the air but simply remove the item from the agenda.Like the ad "like it never really happened".We do need an exterminator.....it's called a vote.
Joseph Campbell My Post Follow Me
How can that be? The current Mayor ran on a platform of transparency AND accountability! (sarcasm) Our current Mayor doesn't seem to give a RAT's ***** about our environment at all.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
She's a sneak and that is the worst trait a politician can have:got a non confidence vote from council for trying to secretly change the Canada Day celebration name to please her then assistant who has since resigned,ran on a promise of transparency and she is anything but,complained about our former mayor{rightfully so I must add}and does the same types of BS {renew Barbusci,promotes Container Pier and wind farm,jumps on a plane to Copenhagen just to mention a few gaffs}.All in all she is a disappointment and certainly not a leader anyone should trust.She gotta go and take a few councillors with her.We deserve a lot better.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
Residents don't want a RAT.Residents don't want a mine in their area.Don't councillors know they are supposed to represent the residents??????????? According to today's CB POST the councillor for Coxheath was not up to speed on the mining.That really puzzles me.Council is supposed to act as our eyes and ears.Mr.Man has some explaining to do.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
I just want to add another story I just heard yesterday.I heard that CBRM paid for a councillor to go to Europe to represent CBRM vets at a service.At first I really did not want to believe it.Common sense would dictate that CBRM officials would come up with a process to send one of our vets.I pay attention to council meetings and never heard this one but my source is pretty reliable.Goodness gracious are those folks at City Hall playing us all for fools.They are messing with our lives and our dollars.We need to clean that place out.
Lillian Dolomont Follow Me
Raymond, seems Cecile Clark may be couching this Mayor. You will know what we are doing when it is done, (non disclosure Clause). If so many people and organizations are against this, why is it happening? Do other Councillors have any say at the meetings? These recreational vehicles are damaging to the land and to our peace and quiet. In our community they are breaking the law on a daily basis. A farmer had just turned his soil for the next day planting and when he arrived at the field, there were many donuts through his beautiful field. Call the Mounties they say, let us handle it. No recourse for the victim. Liberal logic I guess.
Raymond Mac Donald Follow Me
City Hall is a mess:RAT situation is only one thing.There is also:trip for the Mayor and Deputy Mayor plus others to Copenhagen,councillor to Europe to represent vets,much needed library being kicked down the road over and over,6 Million in overtime during a budget crises,renewal of the estravagent con job contract{container pier now wind farm},nepotism in hiring,attempt to secretly change name of Canada Day causing a vote of non confidence in her by Council,poor treatment of taxi drivers,messy resignation of mayor's assistant,attempt to secretly vote on gold mine and on and on and on.It's simply aweful and time for the auditor general and ombudsman to take a look.
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